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Lorem Ipsum is just like sexist behaviors in creative departments. You don’t pay attention, you just play around. But also, why take a dead language poem or women seriously? After all, they are just a small number in agencies. That, by the way, is inversely proportional to all the sexist and sexual jokes they hear so frequently.

And if these few women exist, it is only, according to some male creatives, because it is important to have a female vision. Of course, who would think about Mother’s Day or women’s empowerment campaigns? The only use of female creatives is to think about these. Oh, and for other things too: such as making creative departments “prettier”, hearing stupid jokes about feminism and being underrated.

Creative department is supposed to be a happy and diverse environment. And some say it is. Of course, you can’t expect men, mostly white, straight, well-traveled and with a high-income standard, to understand that this is a much more hostile and oppressive place than it seems. An environment that pushes women away. That is why many of them decide to give up working at agencies. And don’t think this is a cowardly act. You have to have a lot of courage to give up your career and dreams for a little self-love.




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